Love/Zany, ‘IRIS’-style

We are currently watching IRIS – it was the first KDrama that piqued my interest, and we have so far been a bit slow on watching it due to moving house.*

A more in-depth look at the drama will come soon, but in episode two, I couldn’t help but marvel at what follows the scene where Seung Hee and Hyun Joon have their chat on the rooftop:

That’s right – not just a montage, but a love-flashback-montage (in episode two), followed by – with nary a breather – a ~zany~ work montage.

Two montages. In a row. Two.

Ladies and gentlemen, I love KDrama and everything it chooses to be, even if it looks like the episode was running short and they had to fill those extra minutes with something.

*(Anyone who says I’m watching it for T.O.P. as an assassin is wrong, as I feel IRIS will be a serious and thought-provoking exploration into the inherent struggles between South and North Korea in face of an outside danger; not eye candy in the form of a boybander and Lee Byung-Hun. Honest. I swear.)


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