‘Last Scandal’ mid-view report

I’d only heard good things about Last Scandal, and, as I already had a thing for big star-normal Joe scenarios in non-Korean media, I bumped it up the queue after finishing Stars Falling From The Sky.

The chemistry is off the charts, people. Off the charts. And you all know I love that shit.

As much as I love male modesty. Bless.

Jung Jun-ho was good in IRIS, but he’s fantastic in this – I had no idea he was such a gifted comedic actor. Understandably, he was always going to be secondary to Lee Byung-hun and his teeth in IRIS, so I’m pleased to add him to my stable of Actors I Like In Everything Ever. I’m now looking forward to Queen of Reversals, despite Park Shi-hoo’s inclusion in the cast (more on that another time, or when I recap Prosecutor Princess).

I was devastated, however, to learn that Choi Jin-sil committed suicide soon after Last Scandal wrapped. Part of me was so affected by this that I was reluctant to continue the drama – but I know that, as the last piece of work she completed, Last Scandal stands as a testament to a genuinely talented and charismatic actress. The joy she brings to the screen is like sunshine on my computer monitor, and I’m glad this fun, well-written series showcased her talent before she left us way too soon.

Here’s to Last Scandal, and to Jin-sil.


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