Lost in Omo! is the story of an Australian girl living in Melbourne who decides, as a part of her 2010 resolutions, to learn an Asian language. This is her bloggish tale of learning Korean, and embracing the inevitable pop culture collision that comes with learning a new language and a culture other than her own.

She is not very good at said language.  But she is very good at devouring media. Om nom nom.


Quick FAQ:

1. Why Korean?
Australia is an extremely multi-cultural country. I grew up surrounded with languages and families different from my own, and have often been embarrassed by my lack of LOTE skills. I was taught German for nine years, and have retained parts of it, but not enough to speak it fluently – thus, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn a new language, preferably an Asian one. Korean sort of just jumped out at me (to be honest, I don’t have a real deep answer for why I chose Korean over any other Asian language, other than it was probably a gif of some pop star that made me LOL. I’m not particuarly deep, man).

2. Where do you live? Where are you learning the language?
I live in Melbourne, Australia. If I told you any more, I’d have to kill you before you killed me first.  Am I right? I’m right.

3. Why ‘Lost in Omo’?
It is, obviously, a riff on Lost in Translation, but featuring my favourite Korean word (other than “hyungeum”). Other not-potential titles included “Surprise Gay Subplot” and “I Heard You Like Kimchi, So I Put Some Kimchi In Your Kimchi So You Can Eat Kimchi While You Kimchi.”. I am also aware that “Lost in Oh My!” is not a very good sentence – but, damn, it sums up everything about my existence in one neat little badly-constructed phrase. Oh, and Omo is also a washing powder here in Australia, and I really like the smell of washing powder.

4. Is this about pretty boys/girls/politics/a fetish/etc?
Nope. To be honest, I can’t do things by halves. I tend to absorb anything remotely related to the entertainment industry, and any new culture I’m exposed to is inevitably going to provide more fodder for my bizarre fascination with the media. This whole blog is just my way of documenting the whole learning-a-language-and-a-new-shiny-culture experience. Again, I’m not particularly deep. I probably just liked the look of Hangul, really.

5. Who’s that in your header?
That would be the sublime 2NE1, in a still from their video ‘Try To Follow Me‘. I think this is the video that pushed me from “oh, okay” to “GIVE ME MORE, KOREA, MORE” – I’m kind of enamoured with them, and their style that’s similar to the mental image I have of a toyshop that Jeremy Scott threw up on. Bless. (The still is, of course, copyright YG Entertainment. I’m just borrowing it to jazz the place up.)

6. This isn’t a very good FAQ.
This is true. Also not very good: sampling “Scatman” in a song.

If you have any questions/suggestions for stuff to watch/listen to/eat, don’t hesitate to drop a comment. Enjoy – I hope you have as much fun as I am.

– Marti 🙂


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