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New Site

Lost in Omo! has moved to a new home:

See you there!


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Whilst shopping today, I saw the above and thought, “woe is moi! I have neglected my blog!” And thus, I solemnly swear to update as much as humanly possible. Let’s begin, with a snapshot of where we’re at:

Language Skillz: Getting there
New Foods Tried: Over ten, less than twenty
Hilariously Over-Packaged Kpop (and Kdrama) DVDs Bought: 6
Inappropriate Actor/Singer Crushes: 3
KDramas Started: 13 (10 finished)
KFilms Watched: 15 or so?
“WTF?!” Comments From Friends & Family: They’re dropping off, slowly but surely.

Bring the omo on!

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In lieu of actual content, as real-life is ridin’ my ass –

Lost in Omo! has a Tumblr!

I’ll use it to cap-spam the dramas I am watching, YouTube clips, gifs of G-Dragon groovin’ – you know the drill.

Follow! Reblog! Socially network things!

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There’s no real place to start with a blog like this, so I’ll just smile creepily and say welcome.

To assess where I’m at:

Language Skillz: Poor
New Foods Tried: 1
Hilariously Over-Packaged Kpop DVDs Bought: 1
Inappropriate Actor/Singer Crushes: 2
KDramas Started: 3
KFilms Watched: 3
“WTF?!” Comments From Friends & Family: Too many to count.

The road before us is long. And filled with vowel sounds I can’t pronounce.

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