Love/Zany, ‘IRIS’-style

We are currently watching IRIS – it was the first KDrama that piqued my interest, and we have so far been a bit slow on watching it due to moving house.*

A more in-depth look at the drama will come soon, but in episode two, I couldn’t help but marvel at what follows the scene where Seung Hee and Hyun Joon have their chat on the rooftop:

That’s right – not just a montage, but a love-flashback-montage (in episode two), followed by – with nary a breather – a ~zany~ work montage.

Two montages. In a row. Two.

Ladies and gentlemen, I love KDrama and everything it chooses to be, even if it looks like the episode was running short and they had to fill those extra minutes with something.

*(Anyone who says I’m watching it for T.O.P. as an assassin is wrong, as I feel IRIS will be a serious and thought-provoking exploration into the inherent struggles between South and North Korea in face of an outside danger; not eye candy in the form of a boybander and Lee Byung-Hun. Honest. I swear.)


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T.O.P Moonlights (or: flavoured water?)

I found this in a Korean supermarket:

Despite what my dear friend Steph suggests, I did not squeal like a fourteen-year-old girl at the sight of it, as that wouldn’t be befitting of a woman of my age. Crickets

After passing by the Daesung-featured peach flavour as all peach flavoured things are the Devil and not because T.O.P. is my inappropriately young idol crush, I cracked open the can bravely, and took a swig. The drink was, to my joy, basically Granny Smith apples in a can, and my Google-fu lead me to the Lotte website (looking exactly like I’d expect an Evil Corporation’s Nice Face Webpage to look like) – where I learnt it’s called Refreshing Water 2%. “For consumers fed up with pure water!”

The site, however, did not explain why T.O.P. is holding what appears to be a clothing price tag gun and safety glasses on the side of the can, as I’m an unworthy Mac user and could not watch the Windows Media and RealMedia (RealMedia?!)-fueled CFs. This leads me to believe that the can tells the sad yet inspiring tale of a young pop idol who, moonlighting as a retail assistant, loses his sight in a freak pricing accident during the busy Christmas period, teaching us the lesson that safety glasses are awesome and retail is not. A sage moral indeed.

Judging from the fact I have eaten no less than two Granny Smiths a day since drinking this, I believe I would be in favour of adopting it into my regular drink roster. Not that Daesung peach crap, though. That can just get lost.

EDIT: I found the CF on YouTube (view it here). Nope, still doesn’t shed light on Extra-Safety-Retail T.O.P, unless he’s really into the makeup counter and rubbing lipstick off people. GD’s appears to be the story of Batman and his lost threesome, and Dae’s is just weird. Freakin’ peach flavoured stuff.

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There’s no real place to start with a blog like this, so I’ll just smile creepily and say welcome.

To assess where I’m at:

Language Skillz: Poor
New Foods Tried: 1
Hilariously Over-Packaged Kpop DVDs Bought: 1
Inappropriate Actor/Singer Crushes: 2
KDramas Started: 3
KFilms Watched: 3
“WTF?!” Comments From Friends & Family: Too many to count.

The road before us is long. And filled with vowel sounds I can’t pronounce.

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